Life Re-Designed.

There comes a time in your life when it's no longer about following someone else's path, truth, or success, ...

but it's time to turn within and find and live out yours.

This Mentorship Container is designed for the ones who are:

  • ready to make some big changes 😎,
  • want a full-blown re-design of their lives, and
  • are seeking their individual truth and path to fulfillment.

It's designed for the Seekers. 

Not the Seekers who are looking for quick, fun, and easy. 

Not the ones ready to give up their authority once again and blindly follow someone else's path.

But for the brave ones, ready to dive deep into next-level self-discovery and build a wholehearted life.

If you are a Seeker, I am the right Mentor to guide you.

My Superpower is bringing you on *your* way and back into your power. 

I don't know what your way is. But you do.

Consciously or unconsciously.

And not walking it is keeping you stuck - feeling depressed, low-energy, and without real purpose.  

My talent is to help you extract your individual path and potential and put them on display. 

With that, you make the moves to implement and put it into action. 

I am with you every step of the way, providing guidance, new strategies, and space for all the messy and overwhelming moments you will inevitably have to navigate.

Together, you will rewrite your life's story and re-design it from the inside out. 


Are you a good fit? 

  • you're ready to make *BIG* changes 😎 and create the life you really want. 
  • you are seeking empowered direction.

  • you are seeking empowered behavior.

  • you want to discover yourself in new ways.

  • you want to build next-level self-trust.

  • you want to learn how to follow through with integrity and personal power and stand by your convictions. 

  • you want to establish real-life resilience.
  • you're self-led and self-motivated, but you also want someone in your corner who has walked that path and has your back

  • you know full-scale change doesn't happen overnight, and you are willing to commit long-term.

If you check all the boxes, working together will feel like a dream come true. 😌


What we'll dive into together:

  • Discovering your Unique Direction 🧭 & Living out Your Truth no matter what.

  • Upgrading your Health, Sleep, & Wellness Habits for more Energy 🔥 and Creativity.

  • Expanding your Emotional Capacity ↔️ with advanced Nervous System Regulation Skills to improve how fast you can go from "Oh, fu$k!" to "I got it!".

  • Cultivating a Resilient Spirit 💪🏼 towards what people think and a culture of Perfectionism and engaging in Authenticity and Self-Compassion instead.

  • Overcoming Self-Doubt 🙃 and "Supposed To" as a Lifestyle and creating meaningful Work.

  • Taking Better Action ⚡️ with High-Performance Psychology, making Willpower unnecessary and detaching Shame from Failure.

  • Letting go of Exhaustion as a status symbol and Productivity as Self-Worth and reintroducing Play, Pleasure & Fun🥂.

  •  Building True Partnership 🪢 in Your Relationships with Friends, Family, Co-Workers, or Your Team.

In Life Re-Designed, we always bring you along as the entire person, leaving you EMPOWERED to change and ready to ENGAGE in building your dream life.


The Details:

  • 1x Live Zoom Call 💻 (75 min.) / month—this one is for neuro drills or exploring a specific topic further. Lifelong Access to the Zoom recordings is a given.

  • 1x Phone Call📱(30 min.) / month - this one is to catch up and track your progress.

  • Personal Telegram Chat (Mo-Fr): you have me in the back of your pocket for six months, being your confidante come hell or high water. It's like voice-messaging your "bestie" about all your wins, doubts, and struggles.

  • Full Access to all existing & upcoming Masterclasses and Courses for free 🥂 for your 6-month commitment. Just the existing library has a value of over $1300 USD.

  • A comprehensive Questionnaire will be sent to you right after sign-up, so we don't spend time beating around the bush, but you tell me what you need, where you're stuck, and what you want to achieve, and we'll get straight to work. 
  • The Container takes place in English or German, depending on your preferences.

  • Duration: 6-Months


Why Me.

As a life mentor, neuro coach, and transformation specialist, I have a decade of experience taking a personalized and multidimensional approach to whatever problem my clients brought to the table—whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

I have helped hundreds of coaches, athletes, business owners, and high-performers from all over the world elevate their lives beyond their wildest expectations. 🔥🤩

It's what I *love* doing, and it's the very thing I am exceptional at. 


The Mentorshipstyle is...

  • direct,

  • insightful,

  • empathetic,

  • and fun. 

I am the Queen of Integrity and Implementation. Together, you can only win in re-designing your life and building your definition of success.


Here's what some of my Clients are saying👇🏼

Working with Hannah was the beginning of a whole new chapter for me. I had never had any experience with neuro training or life mentoring before and to be honest I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Now, 6 weeks and a few drills later (which seemed strange and unfamiliar at first), I already feel like a completely different person. It's incredible what a big impact such seemingly small things can have. For me, Hannah is much more than "just" a neuro coach and life mentor - she helps me to master challenges, challenges me/invites me to step up and gives me new perspectives that I often overlook/am blind to. I can feel myself excelling my former self every day and I can wholeheartedly recommend to everyone to have Hannah as a coach by their side - she can move mountains.

Ramona Bender - Online Business Mentor & Podcaster @thedreamlifelab

I am infinitely grateful that I became aware of Hannah and her groundbreaking work in January 2021, because working with her has completely changed my life. Through her Personal Freedom Coaching, I not only got my hormone problems under control, but above all, I was able to get to know myself better and since then I've been surpassing myself every day (statement from my husband: "Hannah turned you into an absolute machine, I'm incredibly proud of you!"). Additionally, I am in the middle of high performance coaching with Hannah, which is helping me enormously to uplevel in all imaginable areas of life. Hannah is extremely professional and at the same time approachable and loving, which makes her the best coach ever! I can wholeheartedly recommend Hannah's coaching programs and working with her!

Anika Schweigert - Author & Online Educator @lovelifepassport

Working with Hannah has really changed all factors in my life in the past 2 years of my life. After I consulted her with her incredibly expansive knowledge, primarily to support my autoimmune disease, it wasn't just my symptoms that changed rapidly for the better. My sleep, my digestion, my eyesight (1 diopter in 2 weeks!) and much more had also improved faster than I could have ever imagined. By calming my nervous system, the subconscious and psychological issues came up, which was very important. The move to a new city, the termination of my job and many other small and big issues I could not have mastered without Hannah's support. To this day we work together, she is indispensable for me with her empathy, her knowledge and her calming personality. I wouldn't be where I am today without Hannah. Everyone needs a Hannah in his or her life in my opinion 🥰

Katrin Kugelmann - Health Coach in the making.

The long-considered decision to invest in coaching with Hannah was by far the best decision of my life so far. It's actually almost the best gift you can give yourself and almost impossible to put into words. It is an investment in yourself, your own health, in new fundamental knowledge, in your freedom and paves the way back to yourself. In the last 5 months I have brought myself back to life. Already since the first appointment, Hannah has been one of my favorite people due to her empathetic nature, her understandable explanation of the topic, her comprehensive, wide-ranging knowledge and her personality. The sessions with her are pure balm to the soul ❤️, characterized by an individualised approach. Neurology in general is simply mindblowing. With the help of a single drill, you can already see from the first second, whether it is calming for MY unique nervous system or not, without trying it out for months. I know how symptoms arise and what they mean. The symptoms suddenly become interesting and are no longer the arbitrary enemy. You get tools to regulate yourself, to get out of stressful situations and to find your balance again faster than before. TOGETHER we’re on the way of helping me, and that just makes her so unique.From the bottom of my heart I highly recommend Hannah, her knowledge and her mentorship for everyone looking to transition out of tough spots and to rekindle their life! I’m looking forward to our further work together, to further steps towards freedom and I’m excited to see what else I can discover and learn.

Nadia Guidon - Holistic Care Manager & Human Design Analyst

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