Personal Freedom Coaching

Hannah's training offer is an elite training program based on neuroscience and positive psychology. It combines brain based training with functional fitness, high performance techniques, mindset development and modern yoga. Every single attribute of Hannah's offer is immensely important to athleticism and mastering a pain-free healthy lifestyle. Not addressing any one of these may be what prevents you from ever reaching your true potential.

What you can expect:

  • Sports Performance Enhancement for Professional Athletes
  • Pain Relief & Pain Management
  • Injury Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention
  • Mindset & Character Development

One Session has a duration of 60 – 75 Minutes. The payment for the packages is collected in advance on the first session. Please bring your debit or credit card with you. 






+49 211 935 943 31

[email protected]


Hannah Roediger
Luegplatz 4
40545 Duesseldorf / GER


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