Pain-Relief & Movement Specialist / High Performance Coach

I champion an approach to training that emphasizes health, joy, diligence, curiosity, and a lifetime of learning. I am relentless about my education and relentless about my clients’ success. If you want to be your best, then I am the right coach for you.

Outside my work I like to eat chocolate and enjoy a good glass of wine with family and friends, go for a run with my dog Frieda, teaching people how to be awesome and sink in the world of neuroscience and high-performance with a cup of tea on a rainy day.

I don’t know it all, but I will definitely know more tomorrow, and keep getting better every day.

Life is a full-contact sport. So let’s prepare for winning the championship of life everyday!

 Curriculum Vitae


Athletic Background

Equestrianism (Dressage), Long Distance Running, Yoga

Educational Career

Sport and Fitness Management Assistant (Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Germany) 




Athletics + Pain Management:

Z-Health Performance Solutions (R-, I-, S-, T-, Sustenance, Strength, Structure, Skill, Speed, Stamina, Next Evolution), Medical Fitness Coach (Q-Fitness Academy), Personal Trainer (Q-Fitness Academy)

Body & Mind:

Yoga Teacher (RYS 200h, Inside Yoga), Personal Yoga Teacher (RYS 100h, Inside Yoga), Inside Flow Teacher (RYS 50h, Inside Yoga)

High Performance:

Certified High Performance Coach (High Performance Institue, B. Burchard)


Customer Happiness Manager

My Name is Frieda and I am a 12-year-old very loveable and greedy dog. If you need love or if you had a bad day, I love to have a belly rub. I will correct and observe Hannah’s service to make you the happiest costumer of all time.






+49 211 935 943 31

[email protected]



Hannah Roediger
Luegplatz 4
40545 Duesseldorf/ GER


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