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All forms of training, rehabilitation, performance enhancement and changing how you look specifically target the brain. This means everything your experiencing in your body from pain to high performance is a direct result of how your brain is functioning because your brain sits at the center of all your physical and mental attributes. That is why The Complete Athlete Program puts you back in control of your own performance by putting you and your unique neurology (brain), at the center of your training. We use a brain based approach to rapidly “debug” your movement patterns through Visual Skills Training, Unique Balance Challenges and Precise Mobility Work working hand in hand with yoga and functional training. Because of its many assessments The Complete Athlete Program is like a super secret back door to the fastest way of creating lighting-fast improvements in performance, pain relief, injury prevention, and mindset. When you understand modern neuroscience one thing becomes abundantly clear: a stacked one­size-fits-all, pyramid approach to fitness is inappropriate.

If you need to make changes in pain, range of motion, strength, coordination, speed, agility, flexibility or any other physical attribute, the fastest path to getting there is to adjust your nervous system. At the most basic level, the firing rates and patterns of your brain both determine who you have been and, more importantly, who you will become. The Complete Athlete Program wants you to become the best version of your athletic self and here are the reasons why targeting your brain is the fastest and best option you have:

1. It is the governing system of the body. In other words, it runs the whole show and determines your level of success you have in eliminating pain, increasing performance or health.
2. It is the most plastic system of the body. The Neuroplasticity Concept tell us that the brain not only changes but it does change constantly. This is awesome news because it means you can improve your body, your pain, your performance or your fitness at ANY point and age in your life by focusing on the nervous system.
3. It is the fastest system of the body. Your nerves communicate throughout the body at lightning fast speed to make sure that you are safe in your environment and won`t be eaten alive by a saber-tooth tiger. But you can use that speed also for something else than survival, but for performance. That is why The Complete Athlete Program chooses to work with the speed of your nervous system to get you your results even faster. Here is how this is going to work. Your brain works very binary, so neurons either fire or not. When we give you an exercise we will constantly re-assessing the output of that exercise, so we immediately know if we are giving you the correct exercise to improve your health and performance or not. Good news is, this happens in every session so you improve your best athletic self faster.
4. All day every day you are communicating with your nervous system. Your nervous system is your guardian that is always on duty and constantly asks: Are we safe? Your nervous system never goes to sleep, so it can be adjusted and trained perfectly throughout the day.

Everyone looking to get out of pain, change body composition, increase strength, or prevent injuries and enhance performance. Since The Complete Athlete Program focuses on the nervous system it doesn’t matter if you’re a 75­year­old man, a 15­year­old high school athlete, a gym rat, a professional competing athlete or a weekend warrior. All of us have the same potential for tapping into our best performance, ever, when we focus on the nervous system. And the Complete Athlete Program is going to get you there.

At first, your coach will send you a client intake form in which she asks for your goals, concerns, medical history and lifestyle. Secondly the two of you will meet for 1 to 1 ½ hours at the studio for the first session. Within this first session you will start with a Movement Assessment so you can discuss your goals and concerns, complete a comprehensive movement analysis and determine a plan for your success. You will also get your first set of drills and exercises for homework. After this you will have two more sessions in which your coach is re-assessing and integrating a brain based approach to your performance or health goal. All of this is included in the Start-Up Package.

Like mentioned to you before The Complete Athlete Program has a very whole approach to training the body. The Training is not focusing on just the pain or the performance goal. Because we are training with you in a very different way and show you’re the secret back door to success by targeting your brain, we expect you to see results in pain relief, range of motion, strength, coordination, speed, agility and flexibility the very first session. I addition we will give you homework to make sure that the change begins to be your new normal. You will invest in a much bigger level, that’s why the payoff will be much higher for you.

It is our goal to give you long lasting results. That is why we will give you drills and exercises you can do on your own for a few minutes every day to make everything you do together better. We want you to think about doing your homework drills just like brushing your teeth. But why does brushing your teeth have something to do with training? Because it is the same. Your brain and your body will learn according to what you do regularly. So you need to begin to think about theses exercises just like brushing your teeth. You would never only brush them when you come to see us for training, right? Imagine what your teeth would be like. Just like brushing your teeth, you do your homework drills. There is training she wants you to do every single day. Just like brushing your teeth to avoid plague or gum disease, you train your body and your brain so you have specific skills in your life.

Everyone is an athlete. So train like one.






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